Battle of the Atom (Chapters 1&2)

AKA X-Men Battle of the Atom #1 AND All-New X-Men #16

Oh man… do I hate crossovers. Damn you, Marvel comics. Just take my wallet. Bleed me dry, you goons. But i’m down… and now subscribed to 5 different X-Men series. If you haven’t been subscribing to the 73,863 X-Men books: here’s a primer for Battle of the Atom that the wonderful nerds and nerdistas at IGN put together. Can I also add, I also hate time travel. Crossovers involving time travel and two cyclops existing in the same place. THAT’S SO ANNOYING.

(And Beast bringing Jean Grey to the future… of course she doesn’t deal well with her own death… what’s wrong with you??)

Regardless, it’s ten issues and I’m reading it (because if I don’t the X-Men book I usually read probably won’t make sense and I’ll go batshit)



#1 begins with cerebro alerting the X-men, (specifically Kitty Pryde, young Cyclops, young Jean Grey, young Iceman and you Beast) that there is a new mutant discovered that is creating havoc in Phoenix, AZ. Animax, she makes dragons and basilisk looking things… she’s also a career criminal with a serious grudge. Right when Jeannie is about to get the upper hand… dun dun dun Sentinels show up. Kidlet Cyclops doesn’t want to follow Kitty’s plan because showing off is clearly more important than survival. He almost gets his head blown off and then suddenly they are saved… by Cyclops… the other one (and Emma Frost, Angel and a whole bunch of others). He and Kitty have a less than friendly exchange and then join forces to beat some robot tuchas!

They do, obvi. Animax surrenders. Cyclops gets zapped by a Sentinel and the world blurs as both Cyclopses are nearly erased from existence. It’s actually really cool. And then of course, everyone wants to send them back to their own time… you know space-time ramifications. And young Cyclops says “you’re not letting us choose our own destiny, you’re damning us to our predetermined fates” which is understandable, since he ends up at odds with wolverine’s X-Men and Jean Grey ends up dead and Charles Xavier is going to erase their memories. 

So everyone is about to get thrown in the “time cube” and then it goes all purple and wonky… And then it gets really weird…



The X-Men from the future arrive to STOP EVERYTHING and tell them they are about to make a dangerous mistake. 

Hey, where are those Sentinels coming from? Is it S.H.I.E.L.D.? Celeste thinks it is. 

Christopher, who saved Cyclops in the last chapter is incredibly freaked out. He exclaims “I think that you X-Men are so used to the space and time and life and death craziness in your lives that you don’t even notice how crazy it is anymore.”


“Your worst fears have been realized, you DID screw everything up.”

Wolverine: “and which of our numerous, terrible mistakes are you referring to?”

Future Iceman is huge. There are three Icemans, three The Beasts, Charles Xavier’s grandson, super old Deadpool, old Kitty Pryde and Molly Hayes… so uh, yeah. 

Wolverine is pissed, claws, drool, whole nine. A fight breaks out. Especially irrational in close quarters where someone might kill their former self and thus their present self.

…so what happened.

Oh damn it’s good. You know what? Just go buy it. 

I know, I hate crossovers, too. 

but it’s gong to be worth it.

I’m not even going to tell you anymore.

Okay I am, serious, you brought Jean Grey to the future and her powers started increasing ahead of time (the powers that she uses to eat planets… those powers?) and she knows that if her life follows the course she’s been shown SHE WILL BE DEAD… and Cyclops, who loves her obviously doesn’t want this either… DUH. Wolverine figures out what went wrong… sort of and time travel and alternate timelines kill me, the cliffhangers in this are already enraging. 

Get it!

7 thoughts on “Battle of the Atom (Chapters 1&2)

  1. Haha, your humor trumps mine this time around. “Kidlet Cyclops”?? Terrible…

    I’m worried a future version of one of the previous sentinel-like villains, Master Mold, Nimrod, or Bastion is going to behind them again this time. Which would be lame. I almost wish S.H.I.E.L.D. would have the balls to take a stance on mutants and do something about it.

    And even worse than a sentinel master mind from the future would be the Phoenix returning. I read AvX last weekend to prepare for BotA. I’ve got my fill of the Phoenix for another ten years. Sure, other readers have had a whole year off from the Phoenix, but a year is still to soon to bring her back… AGAIN!

    • If S.H.I.E.L.D. makes an appearance I will certainly be amused. Yeah, Phoenix… I don’t know, they’re wreaking havoc on the timelines… if Phoenix comes out the universe is sure to be reset.eeeek

  2. The X-side had traditionally done better events and crossovers than the Avengers side. That’s been the case for 15 years. I think it helps that they’re generally more limited. Rather than months of a main event book hitting the main plot beats, with all the other titles tying in to provide more personal context, they just get a bunch of books working together to tell the same, cohesive story, with a strong focus on the characters.

    • Yeah, the fact that it’s only 10 issues total makes this far more tolerable. The last time I entertained this it was for “Fall of the Hulks” and it was the most annoying experience of my life, it was 2 months across 6 books if I remember right (maybe I don’t, I remember I had to buy “Skaar, son of hulk” and I was mad)

    • Plus next week is the book I’ve been reading, so i excited. And I keep hearing that Jubilee is going to do vampire stuff. I wanna see it!

  3. It’s hilarious how they’re more concerned about the lab equipment than fighting among themselves. And even if you do hate time travel stories, it always helps when the story itself is making light on the subject.

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