The Fifty Shades Cast

The internet already exploded at this and Sweaters For Days wrote something more hilarious and awesome than I will.

I didn’t read that book because it was boring as shit. Ana had no damn personality and I can’t suffer through it. I didn’t read twilight, and I’m not an undersexed housewife, so really fuck that stupid book.

I did read far enough to see the descriptions, and really Matt Bomer was the only choice, here.


but anyway, they cast Charlie Hunnam. Who in my opinion is incredibly fine. (people on Sweaters for Days were ripping him apart, and I’m like “bro, do you even watch Sons of Anarchy?” That’s fine. But really, you’d fuck him. Don’t play.)

But absolutely no one wants to see him in a suit.


Ps- Did you know he really talks like this:

And arms himself with hatchets, machetes and a samurai sword. Weapons in every room. I always admire preparedness.

I’m hiding out at Charlie Hunnam’s house for the z-poc!

8 thoughts on “The Fifty Shades Cast

  1. Hmmm interesting I wodner what it will be rated as the book is filled with PORNO style stuff

  2. Yeah they shoudl have an X rated version and a R rated version for those who want to see it the way it should be but wow Charlie is a awsome actor and I will admit I find him a handsome man

  3. I’ll be honest, I’m kinda sad that I clicked on that video. The way he’s talking doesn’t at all fit the image I have of him. But yeah, he’s no Matt Bomer, still really hot though.

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