The 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech post

Lately I’ve been watching Under the Dome, right? That shows, like 40% of my blog hits. It’s crazy. This show is problematic beyond all belief. You can read the recaps if you want to know about the plethora of problems… but specifically, for my point today: All of the people of color have disappeared, or frequently do not appear and no one seems to notice, or they show up here and there to do a favor for a white lead and then fall off the screen. Dodee shows up here and there (all though, she was absent during the meningitis episode and no one noticed) has gadgets and special talents to save everyone’s ass (but no story of her own), Phil was missing for 2 episodes, showed up long enough to have one line and get shot, then disappeared for 2 episodes. Carolyn’s wife died, and she’s been grieving off camera for 2 episodes. And Ben, who was written as a wacky side kick for Joe, has been absent since standing up to Angie’s abusive and unstable boyfriend… for three episodes. Carolyn and Ben used to be in every episode. They were not the most well formed, multidimensional characters (which was shitty enough), but they were there… and now they are not there. WTF? Where are you?

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

I’m actually really worried about Ben. If Junior killed him and threw him in a ditch we should have at least seen him go down fighting.

The only PoC who gets any screen time is Linda, a cop who’s defacto sheriff (and she frequently gives her authority to Barbie, a white male).

No. really. It’s jacked up.

I saw 3 movies over the weekend… of the three… there were two PoC. As minor characters. And they were in the same film.

The comics I’ve been reading lately have been doing a better job at being diverse (The Movement, The X-Men, Lazarus) and looking like an actual microcosm/representation of a city. But I’ve been reading some good comics.

By and large, people of color are hugely under represented in the area of science fiction, superheros, fantasy and speculative fiction. Most of this is due to institutional racism that has been impacting fandom for decades upon decades. And because PoC are stereotyped into non complex roles and are only shown as background players.  Women of color are often highly exoticized and are often only used to further the white male protagonist.

Pretty much because the writers who are accepted into the archaic sci-fi boy’s club write a bunch of wish fulfillment garbage and can’t even be bothered to talk to someone who isn’t of their general social description.

It’s terrible.

Erasure is racism. Just admit it.

Links! from people who write better than me and will enlighten you so you don’t shoot your mouth off like an over privileged asshat as often, please:

Fangs for the Fantasy: What will you do in a dystopian?

Dennis R Upkins: Geek Culture is for White People

7 thoughts on “The 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech post

  1. So most of your blog hits are from a this one show which, in your opinion, isn’t even all that great? Hmm… I was planning on posting about the X-men Battle of the Atom event and Vampire Diaries when the new season starts up. Not that I’m obsessed with my stats. But, it would be nice to get some more comments.

    Btw, that guy’s shirt… I totally want.

    • Yeahhhh, that is an awesome shirt.
      @outofmyplanet & I have been “hate tweeting” it since Alice died. I started off really wanting to like it… I feel like I’m stuck… but I actually want to tell people how fucked up (in terms of PoC/LGBT treatment, validating/forgiving abusive characters, randomly inventing characters, questionable continuity and logic, really everything) it is instead of just being all “fuck it, I’m out.” lmao.

      In the fall, I’m thinking of reviewing Dracula and possibly Sleepy Hollow. I’m super excited for Dracula.

      • When I read your comment I had to re-read. And then I had to search it. So there’s gonna be a Dracula show. I’m gonna have to check that out. It’s on NBC, correct?

        If I hate a show, I won’t torture myself into watching it. I used to be faithful to TV shows. Remember Heroes? I watched every episode for all 4 seasons, even when I knew it was getting bad. I’ll never make that mistake again.

      • Hahaha, I get that. I quit Buffy when she got a little sister. Maybe I am a sucker get the blog hits 😉

        Dracula is on NBC (and Sleepy Hollow on is Fox). Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Dracula…. I’m psyched.

  2. That’s really unfortunate that the show is so problematic. I’ve been considering watching it but now I won’t bother. Too many better things to watch. I wander if the book it’s based on has the same issues, it may be worse.

    I’m looking forward to the Dracula and Sleepy Hollow shows as well. I hope you do review them.

  3. Good Job, Sleepy Hollow I cnt wait Supernatural S9 and Sheild and Grimm, and Arrow and American Horror Story:Coven

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