The Movement #2 & #3

I’m still playing catch up. Double review!


#2 opens with The Movement having captured Officers Whitt and Pena. Whitt looks THOROUGHLY beaten. smashed in nose, missing teeth. Katharsis doesn’t mess around.


Ever. Apparently. 

They take the officers back to an old shirtwaist factory that was the scene of a horrific event in the early 1900’s where the mostly female and child immigrant workers had been locked in to increase production before being hit but an earthquake and landslide that trapped and killed the workers. Nothing ever happened to the owners.

The officer asks Virtue if she’s any better than the bosses, locking them up. (Umm.. yes. Telling a girl she has to show her breasts in order to go home is not a necessary part of their job. The bosses used to work people till death or they would be fired and starve. That’s not the same.) Then they are guarded by a perky girl in a wheelchair called Vengeance Moth.

The Movement is having a War Council meeting (in the daycare room) and they’re discussing what to do next, what to do with the prisoners and how to find the serial killer. Katharsis wants to send the cops back tortured. Everyone disagrees. They aren’t monsters, the point was to observe them and get the truth out. But with a killer to be caught, and someone from The Movement leaking intel; tensions are high.


Meanwhile, the officers are playing up the beating they’ve taken and that they were imprisoned without due process and have no idea when they will be able to contact their families. Those poor abused… umm.. corrupt, abusive, pedophile officers? Hmm…

But they do succeed in bring out the divided ideologies.

Katharsis goes after James Cannon: the man who runs Coral City. He’s a wealthy developer who’s got cops on payroll. Apparently cops who get close to the killer get taken off the case. Someone doesn’t want the killer found. 

Virtue, Burden (the kid who thinks he’s possessed by demons), Tremor and Mouse head over the see The Witch. Around each victim they have seen evidence of a localized rainstorm, The Witch can control weather.

Things don’t go well on either mission.

Katharsis gets a beat down from guards in riot gear (during which she screams that she IS a cop…) 

And the others get held up by the Weather Witch’s people.. then she shows up.

This issue showed the conflicts within the movement (the difficulty of creating a cohesive argument and solution among the 99%) The goals and objectives are varying, and their ideals are varying.


#3 Katharsis is brutally beaten and taken in to the station. Cannon says he wants to be the one to interrogate her (after just claiming that he was a developer with no control over the police).


Burden, Virtue, Tremor and Mouse are having a hard time taking on the Weather Witch. 

Meanwhile.. a homeless veteran, Ryan Jennings, is begging on the street before being stalked by the serial killer and his rain cloud. The man begs that his dog be unharmed.

Back in the warehouse: Vengeance Moth brings Pena and Whitt a hamburger. She catches Whitt trying to surmises where they might be by the heat of the burger (I started thinking about what Virtue said about the women who died there back when they made shirtwaists. Virtue may have “read” the place a known that way, The truth never came out. And the bosses got away with it unscathed. Regardless, there probably wasn’t THAT many shirtwaist factories in the ‘tweens, he can probably figure it out easily without seeing how warm his Big Belly burger is.)

Whitt’s still pouting that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime (wahhhh, poor you. I’m sure that never happened to anyone  you picked up?). He comments about their wifi hookup via off the grid energy sources and asks is it was Vengeance Moth’s doing. She says, “Because everyone in a wheelchair is Stephen Hawking, Right? No, officer Whitt.” 

(Hell yes, I like her.)

Kristin (the 16 year old that Whitt attempted to molest) comes by and Ven leaves with her.

Mouse and Virtue manage to stop the Weather Witch’s assault and talk. She leads the rest of them to Cannon (and gives Virtue her phone number). She says Cannon wants a perfect city “with people in spending little furrowing cages, never knowing they are in prison at all. No crime, no strife, and above all.. no poor people.”

They find out the cops have taken Katharsis. At the station Officer Yee is outraged that they have taken her prisoner and are beating her brutally. Captain Meers returns to his office to find Virtue waiting. She offers to exchange prisoners. He refuses and threatens her reminds her that they are the police. She opens the window to a crowd of people in Channel M masks.

What I’m really liking so far: the realistic portrayal of power and corruption, the diversity of the people involved on both sides of the “law” (which is a sliding term), anyone and everyone has a place in The Movement. 

Also, the way the officers try to get in their heads and dismiss them as naive kids, while the officers themselves turn a blind eye to ages of injustice. 

It’s good.

Is Katharsis really a cop?! Is anyone going to get Burden some help? 

My review of #4 will be up later tomorrow. 

Stay vigilant, comic book fans! 

4 thoughts on “The Movement #2 & #3

  1. I still need to get #4! AAhhhhh! Glad you’re reading this series too!

  2. Gail Simone is awesome! She is going to be writing the new Tomb Raider series too. I’m excited about that.

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