Under The Dome- Episode 9

Julia & barbie go to the minidome/egg… it’s gone. Julia “has to find this thing” Barbie gets called in by Linda. Norrie & Joe catch chickens. Big Jim is optimistic about food. Angie is trying to keep the restaurant running. She wants the deed to the diner from Big Jim. 

New character Larry is freaking out on drugs/dome. Coggins gave him drugs (Coggins has been dead a while). He breaks in to a mans house and this man accidentally shoots a neighbor.

Junior shows up at the diner and Angie kicks him out. Not that he listens, then she has a pink stars seizure (that hadn’t happened to anyone in a while, and had only happened to Joe and Norrie). Angie comes to in the back of the police car and Junior gets to “take care of her” he lets her go with a creepy “I think I’ll see you again”

Joe tells Angie about Norrie and him having seizures and Joe blames Angie for not being around. She hasn’t told anyone about what happened with Junior. 

Big Jim gets a surprise visitor who hints at Big Jim’s involvement and Duke not wanting to look the other way.

Julia goes to see Dodee for the Yagi (gadget that protects power sources). Phil is still in the hospital. 

Big Jim decides that Chester’s Mill isn’t part of America and asks people to give their guns up. Jim takes the airwaves! He says that turning in guns is voluntary but they get extra food and propane. 

Angie goes to find Junior, he always told her the dome was making her sick. And then she has a seizure. He says he was really keeping her safe.  “Don’t worry I promised you and my dad I’d never hold you against your will again.” Junior’s mom painted the pink stars? what? So the dome really is making Angie sick, and the show has decided that Junior is involved in some way and it’s implied that he was right to imprison her (even though she wasn’t sick before, that he did it because she rejected him), and now Junior gets to think the whole thing is all about him.


Big Jim goes to talk to Ted who would not give up his guns. Ted has a grenade, Barbie thinks about shooting Big Jim. But Jim saves Ted and puts the pin back in the grenade.

Linda gets told by the nosy neighbor from episode 1 about the propane deliveries. Linda investigates and sees Duke is involved. Big Jim’s lady friend, Max, knows Barbie (and kisses him). Max decides to let Barbie in on the plan for Chester’s Mill. She says he has no choice but to help her and Jim. Max blackmails them both. She was the bookie. She knows he killed Julia’s husband

Joe and Norrie find the minidome in his barn. Joe apparently zombie walked to go get it and doesn’t remember.

Junior finds Big Jim assembling his arsenal of guns he took from everyone.

Joe, Norrie and Angie touch the minidome. Hand prints glow. They need a fourth hand. If it’s Junior: I’m going to be PISSED


Brief cameo from Dodee, alas, her gadget being broken made her irrelevant to Julia and thus she’s lacking screen time. Also notably absent: Phil, Ben and Carolyn.



Where have I been?

Also, a couple times the show had Barbie losing track of where he was and almost killing people. Now apparently that’s not happening. New characters get introduced while (minority) characters get left out. What the hell? You think no one is noticing this? Well we are.

One thought on “Under The Dome- Episode 9

  1. yeah WTF, and he better not be the 4th hand

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