Book Review #26- The Undead Are A Joke: Part 1

The Undead are a Joke follows photographer and entertainment writer Zack as he leaves his old job in Maryland for a new gig in good ‘ol Worcester, Mass. At his going away party he has a chance encounter with Selina, who killed him 150 years ago and is coincidentally also heading to the Commonwealth. Oh, yeah… Zack’s a vampire. Upon arriving in Worcester, Zack goes in search of “food” and meets up with three hoodlums and four viscous vampires who tear off limbs as easy as tearing up a receipt from the packy. 

Will Zack be able to juggle his day job and being a vampire and still get his game developed before PAX East?

This is the first 2 chapters, you can buy this here.



The book’s cover model is one of the deadly dames featured in the upcoming Looks That Kill Calendar

This serial is by Radio of Horror mastermind Dr. Chris, who has umm… interesting… spelling and punctuation techniques (you can’t spell, you need an editor). I’m looking forward to Zack’s continuing adventure and wondering what will happen when he meets up with Selina! I’m confused about why this takes place in 2020 and there’s an odd mixture of real and fake things. Also, “Now you may be wondering how does a vampire eat or sleep and other science facts. Just repeat to yourself it’s just a story and relax.” You just broke the 4th wall and refused to world build! I’m a world building stickler! But “Sasquatch Ate My Neighbors” is the most awesome name for a video game, or well… anything, really. Good introduction to the cast and setting. 

Fun fact: I wrote a story about a bar run by demons set in Worcester (at the Vernon). It’s somewhere. haha

7 thoughts on “Book Review #26- The Undead Are A Joke: Part 1

  1. Hmmm.. glaringly bad typos makes me hesitant when trying out new material. But vampires and frat boys does sound like great material for hilarious hijinks.

  2. Reblogged this on Radio of Horror Blog and commented:
    A review of my book the Undead are a joke a revision is coming soon

  3. coming soon from a real speller and editor and updated version of part 1,2, and 3. Part 3 comes at the end of the month

  4. I would read that story you wrote in a heartbeat, haha. You should find it & link me. 🙂

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