Under The Dome- Episode 8

Angie has reopened the diner. Julia is having coffee and Joe is hanging around. Big Jim comes in and Angie confronts him about Junior stopping by and telling her about how he took care of the Dundees.


Speaking of Junior, Barbie goes to meet Linda at the station. They find Junior taking a gun. Linda forbids it after last the incident with the Dundees where Junior shoots one of them while he begs for his life. Good job Linda.

Big Jim and Ollie have yet another confrontation as big Jim tries to procure food for the diner, he says he doesn’t need the propane. Later Big Jim shows up at Ollie’s with “the police” in some imminent domain crock. During this confrontation, some unnamed cop type gets his knee cap blown off and Junior joins up with Ollie.

Norrie blames Joe for luring her to the center of the dome and touching the egg. Norrie thinks it’s being around Joe that makes bad things happen. Carolyn hasn’t left a still dead Alice (the dome did not save her). 

“Women say a lot of things they don’t mean… especially at her age” -Julia



There were so many things to say there: such as, “Her mother just died, give her some time” Saying “Women say a lot of things they don’t mean” on a show where a woman was held hostage and repeatedly victimized while her exboyfriend told her she “was sick and didn’t mean it” …yeahhh, women: “they don’t know what they want” or “oh she doesn’t mean no” that’s insanely problemartic, immature and completely reinforces rape culture. Joe was right to back off.

Julia pressures Joe to tell her about the egg and the minidome. 

Barbie and Linda plot to destroy and reroute Ollie’s well. Big Jim plans to take it by force. And doesn’t listen to the plan. Big Jim sucks. You know how long it takes to grow food?

Ollie is asking Junior why he switched teams. Junior says he wants to be the one to kill his dad.

Julia puts her hands on the minidome and sees a vision of Joe saying “the monarch will be crowned.” Norrie is telling Angie about the camp she was going to for reprogramming, turns out Angie went too. Angie gets a personality, talking about her snowglobe collection and how she wanted to travel. But now she lives in a snowglobe. Angie and Norrie make friends and smash up the globes against the dome. Norrie has a meltdown about the LA snowglobe, saying it’s her own fault they were there.

Barbie’s demolishing the well while Big Jim is leading his troops. Barbie gets caught, but gets the upper hand. Phil shows up… finally! and GETS SHOT! WHAT?! Junior knocks out his dad. Everyone abandons Big Jim once the well is blown. Junior confronts his dad, saying that he kept secrets about his mother’s death. That she had been unstable and drove off after an argument and that she killed herself. 

Ollie goes to shoot Jim but Junior shoots Ollie because he believes his dad. Linda doesn’t know what to make of Junior, he’s sleeping in the holding cell.

Norrie’s grief for her mother was realistic and well acted. Now that Ollie is dead and Junior is on his side there is no rival for Big Jim… except Barbie. 5 people died. 5 people died because Jim wouldn’t follow Barbie’s plan, now the water is in a reservoir and not a well Jim can control. 

Julia tells Barbie about “the Monarch will be crowned” and we see Angie’s butterfly tattoo.

What will happen to Phil?? Where is Dodee??

2 thoughts on “Under The Dome- Episode 8

  1. Yes! I completely agree with you that women are portrayed as crazy and unsure of themselves. That line about how women don’t mean what they say was just ridiculous!

    • I know! Her mom just died and Julia plays it off like females are frivolous and don’t know what they want! Hello, teenager with a parent dead less than 24 hours, give her a moment! And to have that said in a show where Junior says the exact same crap while he abuses Angie? Totally irresponsible and ridiculous!

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