Extinction Parade #1

Max Brooks (author of World War Z) wrote this very interesting comic about a vampire trio off on an adventure during a zombie plague apparently zombies come around here and the throughout the course of time usually without issue. The vamped call them the “subdead” and mock how slow and clumsy the zombies are and wonder how they could have caused so much trouble.
The art is awesome. And by awesome ..I mean totally disgusting. Zombies with jaws ripped off and tongues lolling about., legs torn apart and stomped into the ground… blood everywhere.

One vampire has the urge to see a zombie up close so up close that she stumbles into him. Vampires being capable so sudden movements and rational thought the lone zombie doesn’t stand a chance! The last panel promises “now I .understood why zombies were such a joke. But I had no idea that soon the joke would be on us.”

A strong debut. Nothing earthshatteringly interesting, but the art is beyond awesome. It’s gross and violent and very detailed.

QUESTION: in one panel the 3 vampires are discussing whether or not zombies can swim. What do you think?

(I say no, they’d float away. And that walking underwater stuff from Land of the Dead: no way.)

This is my first post for the vampires vs zombies challenge! If there are moretypos than usual; I’m posting from my kindle on the train on my way to Boston ComicCon so be cool.


4 thoughts on “Extinction Parade #1

  1. Personally, I was never a huge fan of zombies. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good zombie movie or comics – The original Day of the Dead was great, and there was that issue of the Wolverine and Jubilee miniseries where they took on a bunch of zombies that was pretty fun.

    Here’s a question though. If a vampire drinks the blood of a zombie, does the vampire get zombified, or does the zombie become a vampire? (I can’t take credit for that question).

    • I posted a dinosaur asking that 2 days ago! There are zompires in Buffy the vampire slayer comics, but I don’t know how that happened. 🙂

      • Sorry, it’s hard to keep track of where those jokes come from. Either way, I just prefer vampires and werewolves over zombies by far, partly because they’re both much more intelligent and threatening.

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