X-Men #3

When we last left our heroes, Kitty Pryde and the X-kids had stumbled on what they reckoned to be some sort of explosive. Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel, Jubilee, baby Shogo and Sublime were in pursuit of Arkea, who is still inhabiting Karima and still hellbent on taking the planet back from humans. 



The timer ticks down to zero and it appears that nothing has happened to the Jean Grey School for higher learning. Yeah… no such luck. And everybody else lands in Budapest (where Jubilee “adopted” Shogo). Arkea has taken over the bodies of many hospital patients. (It appears that’s her thing, although I might have missed why going to Budapest was necessary). Things get tense as Storm orders everyone to stop at nothing to destroy Arkea, even if it means destroying Karima. 

Back at school, the kids show their stuff against Arkea/Karima danger room drones, crushing atmospheric pressure, explosions and lots and lots of very expensive damage.



Bling got to show off what she could do. And it was a good thing she was there. 

And everyone made it through their first mission as a team, however with the heated dispute about how to handle Arkea in Karima’s body there’s foreshadowing for future conflicts. Tons of action in this issue on all fronts. The Arkea inhabited coma patients were especially freaky. 

xmenxpert said it best, “If you’re not reading this, you’re wrong.”

I can’t even recommend it enough. Go get it.

5 thoughts on “X-Men #3

  1. I love getting referenced.

    I’m actually glad that Wood’s making use of Bling. She was always a silly background character with a dumb name. (Her official codename was actually Bling!, with the exclamation mark. Who includes an exclamation mark in their actual codename?) It’s easy to forget that, yeah, she’s made of diamond. She’s really hard, and really strong. She also happens to be a lesbian; I’m curious if Wood plans on doing anything with that.

    Beyond that, Wood and Coipel are doing a fantastic job all around, the Jubilee and Shogo are one of the mos touching plots going in comics right now.

    • 🙂
      I agree, and it was nice to see a little more from the kids in general. There’s just so many and they come up with awesome powers and then everyone just stands around, so it was fun to read and see Bling and Pixie being awesome.
      Now I want to see Jubilee do some vampire stuff. that’s what I’m waiting for!

  2. If this comic doesn’t continue to sell well just because it features an all-female team, then there is something seriously wrong with the bulk of Marvel fans. In the past, DC has always had better sales with female-led titles (Batgirl is still selling 50,000+ a month, 22 issues in), and yet Marvel can’t seem to keep even good female-led books above the 20k line for long. I’m not sure what it is, but it makes me sad. I really hope this series can break that trend, because so far it deserves to be read.

    • I agree!
      And if this comic doesn’t sell well it will really be because Marvel has an irrational number of X-Men series out right now. Including another one just called X-Men. But some how it will be blamed on the fact that they are women. And then people will say that it’s the feminists’ fault for not supporting it. And then someone will say girls don’t like comics and I’ll go crazy. It makes me sad, too.
      But really, the stories are good and the art is good and people should buy it. It’s just good.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. IT’S OUT! Will pick it up this weekend.

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