My blog is 2 Months old!

Oh snap! So, let’s take a look back at the month. Time Wants A Skeleton reviewed Under The Dome, more comic books, a couple movies and TEN books (and one of those books was Game of Thrones, that should count as 3.5 books). I started hosting a radio show and discovered netgalley! Wowzers!



The not-so-good and the awesome of this month

Who fell in insta-love? 

Glory in Deviants, Sha in Breaking the Nexus, Saia in Warrior Unleashed, and Sansa in Game of Thrones. 

What would I recommend?

Born by Tara Brown- It’s YA kinda dystopia thing with infected zombies and evil government plots to breed people like farm animals (which you shouldn’t even do to them!), there’s a love triangle but the main character is actually pretty cool. And has friends who are girls. I’ve got to check out book 2 this month! I’m going to be totally honest, there’s poor editing and it’s not great writing, but it is a great story.

Game of Thrones by George RR Martin- I feel like I’m recommending this because I really want to brag that I read it. It was intimidating and overwhelming. It’s great writing. It’s a great world. Reading about treacherous plots, murders, seeking power, protecting family through the eyes of so many different characters was amazing, the men, women and children of Westeros all have their own unique perspectives and motivations. It’s just really fucking good.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs- I liked Mercy Thompson’s debut and her weird werewolf world.BUT: I wish all the other women weren’t cuckoo for cocoa puffs, though. It’s unnecessary to have your female main character hate all other females.


 Also, in the comic book world:  Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash, and Lazarus had really awesome debuts. Brian Wood’s X-Men is still going strong. Get it!

Boston Comic-Con is this weekend so I will have many awesome things to share with you, my loyal fans! I’m participating in a vampire/zombie read-a-thon and I’m planning a fairytale week for the last week of August. <3<3<3

8 thoughts on “My blog is 2 Months old!

  1. Congratulations on two months and have fun at Comic-Con this weekend .

  2. Aww Sansa doesn’t instalove, she’s just eleven! She’s just young, haha! I love Sansa so much it is a bit ridiculous. Who are your favorites so far?

    Congrats on two months! Have fun at Comic Con!

    • Arya was my fave!! I don’t hate Sansa, she is young and she tried to do the right thing. but I’m still counting it for this one. haha

      • I watched season one before I read book one and I didn’t love her until the end of the season and liked her in book one but didn’t love her until book two and it just grows from there. I love Arya! She and Jon have been my favorites since the beginning and now I have 5 favorites and many loves, ha! Hope you enjoy the other books when you read them!

      • I probably going to start the second one soon, George RR Martin really leaves you hanging, you know? It will probably take me all month to read, though. On top of other stuff and those books are long. My mind might change in book 2, he does a good job of really showing the different perspective so that even if you think the character is a butt, at least you get where they are coming from. That happened to me with Catelyn.

  3. Congrats on two months! (I didn’t realize you were so new too! Isn’t it addicting? Lol) have a great time at comicon, I’m pretending I’m not insanely jealous !

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