Book Review #22- Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

Wowzers, the literary equivalent of a decathalon. Anyway, I’ll tell you what I think about it and we can discuss, if you’re reading my blog you probably have cable and the internet or at least facebook friends who have cable and you have some idea what is going on here.

When people talk about feminist characters… people usually bring up Daenerys. Now, Daenerys is pretty rad. She has a very sad background story but she uses what she’s got. Her brother Viserys, sells her to Khal Drogo in exchange for an army to take the throne back for his family. Viserys is abusive and an idiot, and he says things like “you don’t want to wake the dragon, whore!” which made me so glad that I knew something terrible was going to happen to this fricken juggalo. Daenerys, though, makes the best out of her situation and starts to realize what a loser he is. But he’s the only reason she knew anything about her family who all died before she was born. Daenerys as Khaleesi forbids her soldiers from raping women, she’s bold and ambitious. She also sort of acts like Scarlet O’Hara. “If I look back I am lost” is the new “I can’t think about it now, I’ll think about it later. If I think about it now, I’ll go crazy.”


Let’s all take a moment and recognize that Arya Stark is THE bad ass. Arya who asked if she could be a knight and was told that she would marry a lord and be wealthy and she said, “Father, that’s Sansa.” Arya Stark who wanted to learn how to sword fight. Arya Stark who tried to warn her father that someone was plotting against him. Arya Stark who yelled at people who took her for a boy. Who ran from the guard after Joffrey took the throne. Who fought off crooks who tried to steal the boots off her feet. Who tried to save her father while Sansa stood there and cried. Arya Stark who wanted to be a bastard so she would be related to Jon more than Sansa.


Every time Sansa said: “I’m meant to marry Joffrey and carry his babies” I wanted to kill her. But Sansa was doing as she was raised to, and she was a product of her time. So I’m not even MAD about that. She’s 11, she’s naive. It’s realistic. (Even though Arya was only 9, and I’m pretty sure I want to be Arya when I grow up). But she forgets she even HAS a sister! And she makes sure to remind everyone that Jon is only her half brother. Which, by the way is why I also hated Catelyn.

Catelyn who had to tell Jon it should have been him paralyzed instead of Bran. BOOOOOO 

I hate that. In this world here that we live in now: people have out of wedlock babies all the time. Kids have half siblings and step siblings. But for some reason people feel that it’s appropriate to say “Oh, your HALF SISTER” as if someone who grew up around their father’s daughter would be wrong in calling her a sister and not specifying that they are only HALF siblings. It’s so stupid. I can’t stand it. And I was angry for Jon.

Jon, who lives in the shadows of his half brothers, who is constantly reminded that he’s a bastard child thinks life is egregiously unfair until he takes the black and gets the wake up call everyone gets so they can move on with their lives; he went and bullied anyone he could but then it was finally laid out in front of him that his life was actually not that bad. It’s always quite the rude awakening to realize that there’s no reason to wallow in self pity. He handles it well. 

This book is insane, there’s so much going on. Written in 3rd person, but following different characters each chapter, writing them from the outside but paying more attention to the things the characters would. What a nine year old would remember, Catelyn’s were more poetic noticing details of her sons brighter than anything else, Eddard’s chapters were harsher, Jon’s adventurous and introspective. It’s quite a feat. Really really good writing. But everything really whips up at the end and serious, I can’t believe I just finished all of that and I need the second book right now. Seriously, I hate you George RR Martin! 

5 Direwolves! Hell yes!

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