Under the Dome- Episode #6

Under the Dome got renewed for season 2… I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Actually, I think it’s a bad idea, but, well… nobody really asked me. There are aspects of the show that I really like, but I think they only make sense if everything rounds itself out in a short amount of time.

The “How Can It Rain In The Dome?” Episode.


Norrie reunites with her moms. Linda found out Coggins is dead. Everyone is running low on supplies already. Linda deputizes Barbie (who is a murderer, living with the woman who’s husband he killed. That’s some dubious character. If you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ve probably gathered that I don’t care and completely forgive him).

Angie is still with Junior. Junior is being reassuring and using his new authority as a reason she should trust him. Angie is pleasantly NOT reassured. Hooray! And she bashes him over the head with a snowglobe! Hooray! Does this kid have a football helmet on under his hair? How often can he get hit in the head?

Alice is having a meltdown and walks out into the street causing a truck to collide with power lines. Joe and Norrie race into action and save the driver.

Phil is messing with the radio equipment which is not functioning correctly either. (Did I mention I co-host a radio show?) Dodee says there’s some power source interfering with the signal.

Linda is talking to Barbie about their love lives and they find dead fish. The water is polluted with methane to the point where it catches on fire. Big Jim decides to make it rain. Big Jim knows about some wells.

Coggins burned the insulin and no one knows how to help Alice.

Angie is on the move! Big Jim tells Junior to “find that girl.”

Cash has become useless.

With news of the water shortage people are panicking and fighting and stealing. Norrie is heading off to steal insulin for her mom. Angie finds Rose and tells her that she got kidnapped. Rose can’t believe Big Jim would do something like that!! Angie’s scared now that Junior is a cop and Big Jim is a city councilor that no one will believe her. Rose says she believes her (even though she just said she didn’t believe Big Jim would do that.) Joe’s still trying to talk Norrie out of breaking and entering when the man they are burglarizing shows up with a shotgun, but he’s out of insulin, too.

Back at the riot in the center of town, Barbie chases someone down and has a freakout and starts choking the guy. People break in to Rose’s restaurant to steal her meat. Angie steps up to protect Rose. Angie never backs down. I like it. Unfortunately it doesn’t go in her favor.

Norrie goes to the next house in search of insulin, ready to raid the place but they find a little boy who has diabetes. Noriie can’t steal it, well, okay, she stole a little. Dodee finds out that Joe and Norrie are the power source. They tell Dodee and Julia about the seizures and show the creepy video.

Barbie finds a man assaulting Angie and Barbie freaks and chokes the guy. Again. I think he keeps forgetting where he is. Barbie gives Angie to Big Jim.


Linda’s ready to shoot when it starts raining. Everyone holds up rain buckets. The dome has it’s own micro climate. Is Dodee in Mensa? She’s the smartest person in Chester’s Mill! Season 2 should be centered around Dodee and Phil, for sure. Dodee says they have to tell the town that Joe and Norrie are connected to the dome (which seems odd because Dodee and Phil didn’t even tell the town that it was a dome). Julia is against it. Julia finds Barbie wandering around in the rain and the make out. Which was pretty hot.

Angie wakes up at Big Jim’s. He wants to make an “arrangement.” Big Jim gives Angie *his word* that Junior will never touch her again. Offers her propane, a gun, whatever. Angie hints that she will take his protection when Junior walks in. What will Big Jim do now?

I hope he shoots Junior in the head.

What do you think he’ll do? Will Dodee tell the town that Joe and Norrie are some kind of power source? And what is up with that?

I really liked this episode. The dome has been up under a week and already money has become something abstract. Trading is the only way to get something useful. Norrie showed the lengths that she would go to for her family.  Things got tense all around town as they faced the danger of running out of water imminently. Overall, the whole idea makes no sense, still. How would the military not know why/what the dome is doing there? Some people are theorizing that it’s aliens, but if it’s aliens then how did Big Jim know to stockpile propane? If Big Jim is an alien I’m gonna scream. But I doubt it’s anything that ridiculous. I hope.

One thought on “Under the Dome- Episode #6

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this show. Alas, I’m much too far behind with my viewing habits to jump in the middle of it. I do appreciate the comment, “I hope he shoots Junior in the head.” Sounds like a line out of The Sopranos. Just thought I’d throw that in there for a bit confusion. 😉

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