Books, Brains and Blood Read-a-thon Reading List

Once again, my Summer Reading List could beat up your Summer Reading List.

The OFFICIAL Time Wants a Skeleton Reading List for the Vampires vs. Zombies reading challenge.



V-Wars by Jonathan Maberry

Undead are a Joke (part 1) by Chris Denmead


Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes

End Dayz by Kellie Sheridan

When Graveyards Yawn by G. Wells Taylor 


Check back for Vamps vs. Zombies updates August 2-6th! Maybe I’ll read some Buffy comics, there are “zompires” there. It’s true.

2 thoughts on “Books, Brains and Blood Read-a-thon Reading List

  1. I really enjoyed V Wars – I reviewed it last year I think? and I have Viral Nation – hopefully I can get to it someday soon. Remember you can read whatever book you want it doesn’t have to be zombie/vamp – just bonus if it is! haha. So happy to have you!

  2. A couple of these are netgalleys, so I gotta get moving. My TBR pile is crazy right now! lol Thanks, I’m so glad I found this!

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