Under the Dome- Episode 5

Joe is theorizing that the dome is sending them messages. He shows his houseguest, Norrie, a spot on the dome where Monarch Butterflies have landed. They see the military and then family members being bused to the other side of the dome. It’s visitor’s day! Also, the dome is also talking to the reverend.


Big Jim left Angie in the hole another night. Dude is going full on Lex Luthor. She pleads with him to let her out but he says he needs to “think on it.” Junior turns up in his cop uniform. Big Jim gives him the authority to deputize people.

Linda and her husband kiss through the dome. Julia is hoping her husband will show up (believing he left her because he had a gambling problem).


Joe’s wondering why Angie isn’t around (also, it was pointed out to me last week that she didn’t live with Joe and her parents, but she was a candy striper and the entirety of last episode took place in a hospital).

Norrie meets her dad!? The reverend threatens to spill the beans on Big Jim’s secret.

Norrie’s moms find her and see that her father has turned up. Pretty awful way to find out.

The reverend is ranting about Moab (Moab is an evil place “rescued” by God). Julia forgives Barbie, gets a message from her sister in law with a letter telling Julia that she “deserves better.” Dodee’s doing ASL to her mom. Barbie stops a woman from getting too close (as Linda instructed)  and Junior steps in to confront him.

Barbie: “Can you read lips as well as you do sign language”

Dodee: “maybe, what’s in it for me?”

Barbie: “answers.”

Moab is not just a Bible story. It’s the Mother Of All Bombs (oddly enough another CBS drama acquainted me with the term MOAS… name that show!).

A soldier spilled the beans to Barbie after seeing a coin. LESS THAN 3 HOURS! EVERYONE GET TO SHELTER! Big Jim!! You have a shelter!! Of course, you can’t go there because of the kidnapped woman chained up.

Julia Breaks the news on the radio. But Big Jim finally let’s Angie go, since they’re gonna die anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Most of the town finds shelter in a cement factory.

Barbie tells Julia about his time in the army and an event where his men shot other American soldiers in a friendly fire incident, only one soldier survived and they saved her. They got a hero’s honor for it, no one found out they had been the one who shot her platoon.

Junior comes home in a panic to get to Angie, Big Jim tells him that he let Angie go and Junior rushes off to find her. Oh man, good thing he has a gun, he wasn’t nearly dangerous enough before. Angie, having no idea what is happening goes to the farmhouse to find Joe. But Juniors there, pointing a gun at her.

Linda goes off to tie up a few loose ends. Phil plays Beethoven. Barbie gives Joe back his Grandpa’s watch, wishes him good luck.


Junior is being cuckoo bananas, apologizes to Angie, says he was trying to help her. She pets his crazy head. UGH

Barbie tries to come clean to Julia. Linda isn’t going to shelter. Joe and Norrie makeout but don’t have a seizure. No one dies and the dome is intact. Linda’s having a meltdown. This is wonderfully acted, Linda’s been through a lot, she feels responsible for the death of her husband’s brother, 3 fellow cops have died, her favorite teacher died, she almost died and she’s saddled with a ton of responsibility and has to stand up to Big Jim and her own men who question her authority. Linda gets to be one of the few multidimensional characters on the show (and she really doesn’t get that much screen time).

The world just outside the dome is broken but the dome stands. The Reverend saved them, with prayer! Of course! Big Jim explodes the Rev’s hearing aid against the dome and kills him.

I was glad that Big Jim let Angie out, even if he only did it because he figured they were all going to die. But then Angie forgives Junior… ugh… I know, I do, that Angie has few options, but her comforting him…. UGHH UGHHH, I was really hoping the episode would end with her shooting his head off, but sadly, no such luck. And Big Jim murders someone and is somehow confused about why his son is such a nutbag.

Why didn’t Norrie and Joe short circuit?

What trouble will the dome dwellers get into next week?

3 thoughts on “Under the Dome- Episode 5

  1. Stockholm syndrome!! I wanted her to get close to him, pick up that gun and shoot him, but noooo, she starts stroking his head..whateverrr. xD

  2. I’m hoping Angie is just doing that until she gets away from him safely. I don’t care if she lives with her parents or not. Joe is seriously a horrible brother. It’s been how long since you’ve last seen your sister and you’re only realizing “hey maybe I should see where she is!”

    • I was concerned with all the people at the hospital,too. She worked/volunteered there, they were understaffed, people were falling ill and near death and no one said “I’m really worried about her, where could she be?” Because at the very least she could have been dying of meningitis.

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