Book Review #21- Warrior Unleashed by Lindsay Avalon

Okay, I had read the first Mythrian Realm book, and it was fun and kind of light and silly (and smutty). This one was too, but the plot made less sense. And the characters were very similar to the characters in the last book but they were supposed to be, you know, different people.

This book follows Sha’s brother, who is a Sentinel and gets partnered up with Saia after her partner is killed. He’s had a crush on her FOREVER. So they hook up, even though he (who is named Achaius) thinks someone is murdering Sentinels (which they both are). Maybe not the best time to start a new relationship.


They get sent out on assignment and Saia almost gets killed. This happened in the last one, where the female character is powerful but somehow doesn’t seem to be able to defend herself against a titmouse. Actually it was Harpies. Anyway, she almost dies. There was somone else watching there. Then she gets sent out on assignment (alone, even though the chief had her and Achaius partnered up, after she was just nearly killed. And because she’s so *WILLFULL* and tough she runs out to do an “easy mission”. 

It goes pretty much how you’d expect.

There’s this “one true mate” stuff. Love you can’t resist! Why would you want to?! 

*sigh* Yikes. 

But I knew going in that this was how it was going to be, with Breaking the Nexus there was world building and interesting powers and creatures and nothing was explained that way in this book. I guess you were supposed to know it from the last book.

Anyway, even the smutty parts had cuckoo stuff in them:

“…the salty flavor almost as addictive as the way his head fell back against the wall, baring his throat to her. For a predatory Chimerae, to assume such a position implied a great deal of trust and it humbled her.”

The last book there was one female the entire time. This time there were two! I won’t spoil it, I guess, but they weren’t best buddies. 

Also, I mentioned Achaius was Sha’s brother. Sha who fell into the human realm and was unsure how she would ever get back to Mythria. Achaius never mentions her. I mean, I think if my sibling fell into another dimension a couple days ago I would bring that up.

It had so many things that bug me. All powerful woman who can’t fight way out of paper bag? check. Territorial male animal shapeshifters? check. Girls can never be friends? check. 

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