New Obsession

As much as I paint myself as a book junkie, I am really a TV addict.

I’ve been on a Merlin binge the past few days. 


Check out Morgana. She’s beauuuuuutiful, always stands up for what’s right and shows up Arthur of Camelot himself with a sword. 

Season 1 episode 10 Arthur tells the women that it’s too dangerous for them to stay and fight, that this is the business for men. Morgana and Guinevere will hear none of it. The ladies always come through in a pinch. Heroic knights vanquishing foes may be a boys club, Arthur and Merlin would be lost without these two.



Arthur is so cute, but he’s such a knucklehead. These ladies are the whole package. No seriously, he’s always getting cursed or poisoned or acting like a braggart and an ass and everyone has to bail him out it’s insufferable.

Have a Netflix marathon of your own &/or check out some behind the scenes footage.


3 thoughts on “New Obsession

  1. Morgana was so perfect in season one! Katie needs to be in alllll the things.

  2. I love this show soooo much! I am sad that it’s over now. 😦

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