Things That Are Cool

Since it’s hot, and Florida is disappointing.

JK Rowling wrote a book under an alias. Which wouldn’t be that interesting except that her alias was a man with a background in the army and private security. And the book was a gritty crime novel. Oh man, anyone could be JK Rowling.

First human head transplant is now possible. Frankenstein is now possible.

People who think they are werewolves.

Technology run amuck? 1 year old buys car with her dad’s smart phone.

Game of Thrones review tomorrow. Lots of reading before then, bye for now, my friends!

7 thoughts on “Things That Are Cool

  1. I would imagine that, even if possible, a head transplant wouldn’t be all that simple. But a real life Frankenstein does sound kind of awesome.
    And good for JK for doing well under a different name in a different gender than Harry Potter. You know you’re a good writer when…

  2. lol @ werewolves who say “Gah.”

  3. You should’ve never posted that werewolf site! I can’t stop reading.

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