Book Review #19- Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

The review in which I discuss “what’s up with all the misogynist werewolf societies?”

Mercy Thompson is a VW mechanic living in Washington State. She’s a skinwalker (she can turn in to a coyote) who was raised by werewolves. Her next door neighbor is the local pack’s Alpha. Her old boss is a gremlin. She works on a vampire’s van to keep in good with the Vampire Mafia. Things get extremely weird when a new werewolf shows up on her door step. Extremely weird even in a world where fae have been exposed and werewolves are on the cusp of doing the same. Trouble comes her way and leads her back to the pack that raised her, the pack that sent her away, for help.

This book was really fun, I’ll definitely be reading more of this series. Mercedes is pretty rad. As a coyote, she’s not as tough as a werewolf. But that’s okay. It’s rare to be the biggest bad ass in the room, anyway. It takes guts to run head long into danger when the outcome can’t be assured. The writing is really great, I could easily picture their world and I dug the aesthetic. Everyone takes turns saving each other. The pacing of the story is excellent.

Werewolves can live hundreds of years, but few survive the change, which explains why there aren’t you know, a million of them. That’s one of those things that, if unaddressed really eats away at me.


Now, the same thing I always complain about: No women like Mercedes. Except Jesse, who is her werewolf neighbor’s human daughter. Everyone else HATES her. And do you know why they hate her? Because as a magical coyote Skinwalker, instead of a werewolf, she can have babies. I don’t know exactly when this whole werewolves can’t carry children started. I have a strong suspicion that all these popular UF authors all get their mythology ideas from other UF authors. I understand it as it’s written: Shifting into werewolves is violent, your body tears itself apart and resets itself, probably not conducive to child bearing. Here’s the thing: Werewolves aren’t real. You can write it different, authors! Wolves only carry babies for 63 days, maybe they could stay a wolf for that long. Or I don’t know, write your usual crap but instead of the part when all these bitter women who missed their chance at being parents go crazy pants and start attacking fertile young women… they, like, adopt. Or, I don’t know, this novel concept of a woman’s life not revolving around an overwhelming need to be a mother. But anyway *sigh* none of the women in Bran’s pack like Mercy and only one of the women in Adam’s pack tolerated her. Ridiculous.

And all the women (except the Alpha’s mate) are submissive to all the men. No. It is not like that for humans, it is not like that for wolves. In fact the male and female alphas in a real wolf pack don’t even have to be mates. They just have to be awesome hunters. Furthering my point about this irrational “women be crazy because they need babies” nonsense.

That aside, Mercy is frequently telling the men around her that she is not their property to fight over, a prize to be won, a minion to be bossed around. She sticks her neck out for the friends that she has. She’s not perfect and she doesn’t pretend she is. The book had tons of action and tons of funny and eccentric, interesting characters.

5 Silver Bullets!

This was my first book of the week, check what’s up next to join in the discussion.

I know there are several in this series so far… no one tell me about what happens  Mercy’s love life!! (Personally, I think she should find herself a nice vampire)

5 thoughts on “Book Review #19- Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

  1. Were you aware of the spin off series by Briggs? The Alpha-Omega Series has romance as one of the main components and you get to know Charles, Bran’s son. You met him briefly in Moon Called. I enjoyed your take. Have a great weekend!

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