Girl Power in the Zombie Apocalypse

So, Alyisha over at ThePookaPicks gave me a tip about not one but two ultra-rad reading challenges.

The Feminist Reads Challenge & The Zombie Challenge.


And, you know, I like to go big or go home. So I’m going for 4 Chomps (24 Zombie books in 2013). An 10+ Feminist books. Honestly, the feminist challenge seems harder to me, if you have read what I think about the Hunger Games… I frequently think things could have more girl power. And I judge them harshly. A girl thinking she is better than other girls because she acts more like man is not getting me a feminist utopia. Period. And honestly the way some authors have their main characters be superior to all other women, I wonder if they have any friends at all.

However if you’re doing these challenges, or a challenge, or should be doing them:

I suggest Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Trilogy. I only read the first 2 so far. But Georgia, Becks, Magdelena, Buffy and the Doctor in the Octopuss Shirt who’s name I forgot all bring some serious girl power against a CRAZY government/CDC conspiracy involving corpse munchers.

And Born by Tara Brown in which a girl becomes BFFs with a wolf, AND goes without human contact for a DECADE while dodging scary plague zombies and even scarier government agents AND still has better social skills than most female protags.

Here’s some tunes to get you in the mood zombie killers.

*PS- You can get Zombie Hunter Velma on a T-shirt

10 thoughts on “Girl Power in the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never done a book challenge before.

  2. Let me know if you find any good zombie books. I’m having trouble starting that challenge.

  3. Thanks for stopping by GirlZombieAuthors! GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie – coming in August!

  4. I love the pic you chose for this post. It’s funny but at the same time very telling for the genre. I’m just wondering what a zombie hunter’s doing with a wooden stake? I also love your list of recommendations. I’m going to have to read some of those!

    • Thanks! Velma’s ready for anything. I mean, I know I hate when I’m killing zombies and a vampire shows up! I hope those scratches aren’t from the infected, though, or she’s in a world of trouble. o.O

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