Movie Review #3- Tales of the Night

or Contes de la Nuit



A girl, a boy and an old cinema technician tell stories in an old theater. They choose what they want to happen and when and where it will take place.

The stories are:

The Werewolf, Tijean and Beauty Not Knowing, Chosen One and the City of Gold, The Boy Tam-Tam, The Boy Who Never Lied, Doe Girl and the Architects Son. 



The animation is awesome. The backgrounds are super bright and everything else is silhouettes. It’s beautiful.


The stories are typical bedtime story fare, but the interaction of the characters as they create the stories pokes fun at the writing process and the female character lends an extra layer of awesome to the equation. 

While adapting “The Boy Who Never Lied” she says, “No I do not want to be that princess!” And the boy says, “I’m drawing you a beautiful dress.” “You think you can buy me with a dress??” 

This is a beautiful looking film with fun stories that bring dragons, princesses, magic and werewolves to life. 

It’s French, so I am giving it: 5 Croissants! 

4 thoughts on “Movie Review #3- Tales of the Night

  1. This looks super cool. Of course my library doesn’t have it. 😦

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