Book Review #15- Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

Breaking the Nexus begins in the realm called Mythria. Mythria: It’s where the myths live. Their realm is kept separate from the human realm. By the Nexus. And as you might surmise.. The Nexus is breaking.


Sha is a Sentinel in Mythria and she’s investigating some evil going on when she is suddenly sucked through the Nexus into the human realm. Here she lands on a crime scene and quickly meets a sexy detective who she falls head over heels for. The feeling is mutual.

So, world building is very important to me and it was very nicely done here (my biggest peeve is when supernatural creatures show up and humans didn’t know about them because… immortality is a curse, or some hot nonsense) so the fact that the worlds had been separated for hundreds of years until Mythrians started sneaking through and plotting nefarious deeds intrigued me. There’s interesting magical creatures, elves, mages, a banshee, the Sorceri (which is what Sha is) and their different classes, Aquarum and Infernum and Metallum and how they get powers. It’s very interesting, I enjoyed the world and the mythology.

There’s some sexy scenes between Sha & the sexy detective (his name is Connor, but she hardly ever calls him that. She even calls him “Detective” during sex, he calls her “temptress” it’s cheesy.) Oh yea, I said something about a crime scene and nefarious mythrians: a mage has been conducting blood magic rituals to raise a powerful foe! And blood magic needs… well, blood. So there’s murders and some one gets skinned, damn skinwalkers. But Sha and Connor and their magical romance are the main focus.

Overall, a nice treat

But the ending is a little abrupt.

4 Silver Stakes!

I do want to mention, that Sha is literally the only female in this book (except the banshee, oh wait, and one woman who was at the crime scene who Sha was instantly jealous of. And a female officer that Sha thought liked the detective. Gah!) the movie version would not pass the Bechdel Test  And everyone seems to be Irish and/or a Celtic mythological creature which is strange for Denver.

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