Book Review #13- Deviants (Dust Chronicles Book 1) by Maureen McGowan

I found this book to be pretty unoriginal, most of the time I was reading it, I was thinking “Wow, this author really wishes she had written thee Hunger Games”

In fact, I made a list of the ways that this book was like the Hunger Games (And how Glory from Deviants was similar to Katniss Everdeen):

Cal to Glory: “You really don’t know what you do to me, how you affect me, do you?” Peeta to Katniss: “I think…you still have no idea. The effect you can have.” (Mockingjay)


Cal immediately, despite the fact that he and Glory have never really even spoken before says he will get himself into a position of power to help Glory and her brother and protect them! 

Glory is suspicious and distrustful! (Katniss is Violent. Distrustful. Manipulative. Deadly.)

Someone says something about getting married even though the female is a sophmore and everyone’s eating rodents!

You can really live outside of the dome! (There really is a District 13!)

Stuff about wristbands and having designations printed on your forearms. (This happened in Mockingjay)

Special glasses to see in the dark. (They really have those in the real world but for some reason they are remarkable)

But Glory actually gets to this point first: I’m done with him holding back his plan, not telling me anything. How dare he get angry when I couldn’t have possibly known I was making a mistake? I will not be ignored. Unlike Katniss who lets Haymitch chew her out for “letting Peeta out of her sight” even though she thought they had one plan and Haymitch had his own secret plan that no one could have told Katniss about because they’re manipulative asshats. So the fact that Glory screams at Burn and decides to try to choke the answers out of him makes me amused.

 “Are there parts of the earth that weren’t destroyed? There couldn’t be, or surely they’d have come to help us.” (Nope, just like District 13 didn’t help the rest of Panem)

Glory and Katniss get suicidal over things that are, yeah, super traumatizing and then someone asks them if they’re “done feeling sorry for themselves” (Burn and Haymitch)

Glory is somehow considered super special for seemingly no reason. Katniss was made the symbol of the revolution for seemingly no reason.

Everyone has secret plans that she’s oblivious to and when she has a secret plan everyone sees through that shit.  

That was 12, some broad, some specific similarities. (I also left some out, like the absurd descriptions of food) 


Glory lives in Haven. The world ended after a series of catastrophic natural disasters (Holy crap, that’s 14 ways this is like the Hunger Games). The air got clouded by dust. Dust that made you into a monster (called a Shredder), or can heal you/cause dust madness, or will choke and kill you. “Deviants” as they are called in Haven have special powers, Glory can stop your heart with her mind. Drake grows armor on his body. Gage is the Flash. Burn is the Incredible Hulk. Haven is protected by a dome to keep out the dust.

Glory’s a sixteen year old girl who is taking care of her brother, Drake. They are orphaned and Drake is disabled. People in Haven go to the Hospital and never come back, so she’s keeping that a secret. People in Haven live off meager rations and Glory supplements her rations by killing and eating rats. Compliance Officers are Glory’s main concern. If they find out she’s a deviant or Drake is alive/deviant/disabled they risk being expunged; sent out into the dust and eaten by Shredders, such events are televised throughout Haven (yup. televised murder to scare the population into compliance. The exact reason that they have the Hunger Games. That’s #15). 

Glory meets Burn. Burn tells her people can really live outside of Haven. I was talking to a friend who told me about a book he was reading and then it sounded exactly what I was reading. Here, just read the plot of Wool. It’s sort of like that. A bunch of confusing and implausible action sequences take place. Glory falls for Burn. They reach the Settlement, and the powers that be send Glory back in undercover to Haven. There’s also some talking the middle of this that the Compliance Officers “bring in the dust” to make Shredders (does that make them muttations? That’s 16.). I don’t know how you can “bring in dust” to the entire outside world. Whatever.

Okay, so we established that this book was not very original. The last 50 pages or so were really entertaining. I’d be willing to read the second one (warily). Maybe.

But this was my reaction to the first few pages:

Page 1: “Normal girls run screaming when this close to rats, but I can’t afford luxuries like fear.”

Oh jeez. OMG our female protagonist is one of those rare girls who can… cope with normal shit. Rats, really?


 Page 3 She’s killing rats with her mind! She calls her “specialness” a curse!

 Page 4 Glory’s friend Jayma (a girl) comes up with Scout to hunt rats… so uh what were you talking about 3 pages ago?

And that… earns Deviants 2 dead rats. 

7 thoughts on “Book Review #13- Deviants (Dust Chronicles Book 1) by Maureen McGowan

  1. Haha wow. I think you thoroughly ripped that book apart.

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  3. Lol. So more dead rats would be a good thing?

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