Feature and Follow Friday

(yes, I know it’s Saturday. Day late and a a buck short is my MO)

Details are beautifully explained here: http://www.alisoncanread.com/ and here: http://parajunkee.com/

(Eight Bit’s quick version, Follow them twos, follow the featured blogger, link your blog, poke around at some of the other blogs on the list. Say “hey”, make friends. Follow anyone who follows you)

And this week’s FF Question is:

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

Paperback. Easier to carry around than a hardcover. I don’t have an eBook device, I just use my computer, which I’m fine with and it really cuts down on time if you can just click on something and then be reading it or be reading a few pages here and there between putzing on the internet… but it’s not my favorite. I like the aesthetic of hardcovers but …yeah, too heavy and they usually cost way more. I don’t even have room in my apartment for all the shelves required for all the books I read. Hardcovers are not sustainable.

On that note: Browse around, if you like what you see: hit follow or follow me on Twitter. Hooray! Then I follow you back, say Hi, show some love!

4 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday

  1. I joined you…
    You’re much better at this networking thing than I am. I’m just going to follow your lead.

  2. The computer sucks for reading. And it doesn’t compare to an ereader. I got a Kindle recently after swearing I wouldn’t do it, but I have to say I love it. The Nook is cheap right now……like $120 less than a Kindle (wish I knew that at the time) if you ever want to take the leap. So convenient, tons of free books, and cheap in general. I wasn’t sure how to follow your blog, so I went for twitter (@MeredithRaeJ). You can check out my FF with the link below 🙂

    Meredith’s Musings

    • Thanks! WordPress doesn’t support Bloglovin’ (or I’m less awesome at the internet than I think I am) but I tweet my posts and not much else. Kindle Fire’s are so rad. I do want one. Money is a major issue, but I will upgrade soon 😀 The only thing that really bugs me about ebooks is when there are no page numbers. It messes with my head!

    • just kidding, I have a Bloglovin’ button now, too. Wooooooo

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