Under The Dome: Episode One

The only English speaking channel that I have at my residence gets a speculative fiction show!



Hi, new TV friend! His name is Barbie, btw.

The show starts off with him burying a dead body and trying to high tail it out of town.

I don’t know what to make of him. I mean, he killed someone. Obviously. Classic “bad guy” move. But then he’s saving little farm boys and driving people to the hospital. He used to be in the army. He’s paranoid. (me too).

And I fully expect that he will kick Junior’s ass.


Crazy. The answer to that question is: Crazy.

Possessive asshole. Total creep.

His first scene is with his girlfriend, Angie.

Junior: “I love you, Angie”

Angie: “Yeah, it’s been a great summer”

And then he tries to grab her and she smacks his face. Junior’s a sick asshole and this meme makes me want to punch CBS. You don’t take people you love hostage, get this man a psychotherapist!

Random things I liked: The interracial lesbian couple and their punkass daughter.

The radio station staff. “Our ratings are going to be awesome.”

How hot Barbie is.

The tension of who’s stuck inside/outside. Kids with no parents. Cops at a parade, Firemen that went out on a call.

Stephen King got executive producer. Hopes are high.

I love conspiracies. Who’s in on it? Who benefits? AHHH

Random things I didn’t like: DIG A HOLE.






No. He almost let a plane crash fall on his head. He’s doomed.

Colin Ford (the actor who plays Joe) has also played a young Sam Winchester. awwww ❤

2 thoughts on “Under The Dome: Episode One

  1. LOL Dig a hole. Great review, loved the pilot, I have high hopes for this show!

    • I was glad to see Stephen King was EP. I haven’t read the book so I have no expectations based on that, I heard its pretty far off. I know they can’t dig out, that wouldn’t be much of a show, but seriously, someone should have at least suggested it!!

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