48 Hour Book Challenge Kick-off

Alright, showered, caffeinated and ready to read!

I posted some of my TBR list the other day, and I’m kicking it off with the Hunger Games. 

I’ve never read it, but I was convinced by the portrayal of Katniss in the BAMF Girls Club that I might like it. And I love a good dystopian. 

If you have no idea what a 48 hour book challenge entails you can check out the gist over here: 


And check out http://thepookapicks.wordpress.com/

Who gave me the heads up about this whole… uh, event? She’ll be joining in later. 

This is me, kicking it off


12 thoughts on “48 Hour Book Challenge Kick-off

  1. Woohoo! Have fun!

  2. Wow. You even showered! 😉 Hope that you have lots of good books to read. Visiting other blogs is a great wait to get recommendations, too! Thanks for joining us.

  3. Good luck! You will love Hunger Games! A great book to kick off your Book Challenge.

  4. oohhh–Hunger Games–way to start your 48hbc! Go Katniss!

  5. Enjoy Hunger Games! I only read it recently myself, but it was as good as everyone said.

  6. oh my gosh the Hunger Games is a great reading challenge book–talk about gripping! I hope you’re enjoying it.

  7. Hunger Games is a great way to start the challenge! Are you going to read Book 2, or something else next?


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