250 pages into Deadline by Mira Grant, I’m having anxiety attacks for my fictitious friends at the After the End Times. 

And I had this completely insane dream last night (about the z-poc, obvi). The zombie people weren’t a problem, took some out with a crowbar, not too tough too out run. We sought refuge at an abandoned mansion (briefly in a drained pool), until a zombie lion and lioness showed up. They were NOT slow. Luckily, they couldn’t climb fences. 

So, I’ve got zombies on the brain. If you do, too, you’re in luck: I present to you my Top 5 Songs about zombies

5. Creepshow- Zombies Ate Her Brain

That’s how she turned out this way.

4. Misfits- Astro-Zombies

Astro-Zombies is also one of the worst/most awesome movies of all time

3. Automatons- Zombie Girl

I just love this song so much.

2. Kingston Trio- Zombie Jamboree

Try not to dance! I dare you!

1. Major Lazer- Zumbie

Enjoy. Don’t forget to limber up and pack extra ammo, kids. 

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